China Medical University and Docsun Clinical AI Lab, signs MoU to initiate trials of AI-powered Covid-19 Rapid Testing

Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory
4 min readOct 2, 2020

In a much needed times for faster detection of Covid-19 infection, We, Docsun Clinical AI Lab and China Medical University has signed an MoU to start the trials for the Covid-19 Rapid Testing technique which on success is expected to bring down the testing time to seconds from the existing test methods that could take hours to confirm the infection.

The World has been devastated over the past five months of 2020 cripping global economy, impacting people’s day to day life, taking away thousands of lives and infecting millions of people with no positive news of finding a vaccine in the near future. The Covid-19 pandemic has got the world into chaos locking down people to their homes. While Hunger, employment and fear is the order of the world. Yet, mankind never halts in its progress. The Healthcare workers around the world are working round the clock to eliminate the invisible enemy. Scientists, Data Analysts, Universities, Research Units have also joined the fight striving to find the vaccine to remove the pandemic from the face of the World.

In a recent move to this initiative, China Medical University has signed an MoU with a Taiwan-based Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory to start the trials of the testing method developed by the lab that is expected to provide confirmation of infection within seconds. The move is expected to drastically reduce the existing testing methods where the minimum confirmation time is nearly 6 hours. This long gap in detecting infection is curbing the efforts of mass testing that may be the only solution to accurately determine the scale of infection.

The existing testing methods is a setback towards the effort to mitigate the spread. There are infected people around the world unknowingly and unintentionally are the carriers of the virus. To ensure the efforts to fight the inevitable, is to ramp up the testing rate and time. The Covid-19 vaccine is very far from achievable, and mass testing is the only way forward in the near future. Advanced and Modern technologies have the solution to the pandemic. With its research centre in Taiwan, Docsun Computational Laboratory achieved a breakthrough in rapid testing and to start the trials, has got into an MoU with China Medical University on May 30th. The biggest setback for the testing methods is upto 14 days incubation period during which there are no symptoms. The key targets of infection are the respiratory organs such as Lungs, tract and is commonly spread through tiny droplets containing virus released by coughing or breathing.

The Rapid Testing method developed by Docsun Laboratory is based on observations around the globe that have concluded the presence of abnormalities in Lung after being infected. The AI-powered testing solution can classify the risk of infection depending upon the abnormalities obtained through Chest X-ray as Low, Medium, and High risk within a minute. The algorithm has been developed to understand the abnormalities present in Chest X-rays in various stages of the infections as the data feed.

The AI-backed Laboratory has been working since the outbreak to determine a testing method. The idea has been conceived by the team of experts in AI, BioMedicine and Medical Automation by studying the internal abnormalities that are developed within the period of infection. One significant bodily change to develop the idea was the abnormalities present in the Lungs. The infection could be confirmed by the Chest X-ray where the abnormalities are clearly found out. The number of data points determine the rate of infection and current stages that will help administer the right medicine assisting the healthcare workers.

The MoU was signed in the presence of DocSun Clinical AI Laboratory President, Mr.Ted Huang and Dr.Richard Shau from China Medical University. “Similar detection techniques have been showing signs of possibility around Europe. However, we will advance our technology in the Asian region where the lifestyle and environment might impair the differences and ensure our algorithm will provide further accuracy in the regions” said Mr.Ted Huang, who is termed as the father of Fintech Economy who is backing the social startup Docsun Labs. He also advises Yang Baxter, a fintech solutions provider to the industry. The development of the idea is successful because of the resources that have sourced from AI researchers all around the world.

As of today, the World has over 6 million infections with nearly 6% mortality rate, thousands of people have been losing their lives everyday. The right use of advanced technologies is the way forward to eliminate the invisible. A lot of organizations around the world have been striving hard round the clock to help the world be a better place. Among such is the Docsun Laboratory, giving an innovative approach to find the rapid testing solution.



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Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory is a social initiative working on Artificial Intelligence powered Covid-19 Rapid Testing technology.