Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory among the 11 startups selected for New Taipei City — AWS Joint Innovation Center Incubation!

Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory
3 min readSep 18, 2020


It’s been a good first week of September for Taipei’s Startup ecosystem with the launch of the fourth edition of the Joint Innovation Center launched jointly by New Taipei City — Amazon Web Services. As part of the year’s incubation program, 11 ventures have been selected who will receive the smart ecosystems to grow their ideas and make them a reality across multiple areas such as Healthcare, Technology, Fintech, manufacturing, services, banking and so on. Our Healthcare Startup Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory is among the 11 startups selected for the 4th edition of the Incubation.

Image Source: New Taipei City — AWS JIC Taiwan: The 4th New Taipei City-Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center is stationed in Xinchuang and participated in the Welcome Party at the central office on 9/4/20

All the ventures selected for incubation have unique business models that are different from one another and are unique to a sector. The purpose of the incubation is to ensure deployment of efficient technological platforms for development and have a better understanding of the market segment, target customers and be aware of the social impacts and values the venture can bring to the world. The Joint Innovation Center helps the ventures in communicating with established enterprises along with linking resources, industry domain knowledge integration, achieving industrial digitization and realizing the potential of Taiwan’s Startups.

The 4th editions’s new teams of disruptors

The JIC consists of a six member jury composed of Venture Capital Company Chairman and a venture fund founder and Cloud Architects of Amazon Web Services. The selection process is formulated in three stages and is high pressure. The key factors of the selection process included the Business model, Development potential and maturity of Technology. Here is the list of startups that are selected for the program and their sector of operations.

  1. Miffy Multimedia — AR/VR Platform
  2. Extreme Technology — UAV Commercial Service Platform
  3. Biyang Reality Technology — Education, Training and Simulation
  4. Kuijing Computing Technology — Industrial Performance Optimization using AI development and large scale construction environment.
  5. Waka Travel Agency — Digital Travel Service Platform
  6. Docsun Data technology — Medical precision technology
  7. Diwei Smart — Digital Music Streaming
  8. Aiku Intelligent Technology — block chain point exchange, wallet, and exchange system.
  9. Mai Rui Information — Development of AI tools to develop molecular intelligence drugs

The acceleration spans over 6 months and is carried out to link capital, industry and technical resources and guidance to approach and expand to international markets.

Digitally transforming Industry

The Joint Innovation Center is the first incubator established by the local government of New Taipei in association with Amazon Web Services. Over the last three editions, JIC has incubated more than 50 startups in the city and 18 among them have been successfully funded. The government is helping startups connect with private industries in order to harness the knowledge and also guides in legal regulations both local and internationally.

The government also provides various administrative assistance such as company registration and funding to jointly promote entrepreneurial energy. It is expected that the 11 outstanding new ventures selected this time can inject more innovation into New Taipei City Startups ecosystem, thereby driving the intelligent and digital development of the industry. Amazon will provide guidance, training, and application for cloud service use for newly selected ventures along with other resources and tools to support startup teams to use cloud services that can be quickly deployed, highly expanded, and zero front-end costs to accelerate the development of innovative businesses and models.



Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory

Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory is a social initiative working on Artificial Intelligence powered Covid-19 Rapid Testing technology.